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Women Abortion Clinic Johannesburg is a women's clinic in Johannesburg that assists women with 100% safe abortions, using legal abortion pills. Our women clinic is safe, private and works to put you first and to give you the help that you need.

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Safe Abortion Clinic in Johannesburg

Are you looking for a safe abortion clinic in Johannesburg? Then our women clinic is exactly what you need to have a safe and private abortion. We offer women safe abortion pills to terminate the pregnancy should they decide they are not in a position to have a baby, or are just not able to have a baby. Our women clinic also offers counselling and support to all our clients, because we understand that having an abortion is not the easiest of decisions to make.

An abortion is delicate and sensitive, and you want to ensure that you are using the right clinic that meeets your needs. You also want to make sure that it's a clinic that prioritizes you, without having to worry about your safety and your privacy. With our Women Abortion Clinic in Johannesburg, you don't have to worry about all this because we make sure that you are taken care of when you use our services.

Safe Women Clinic in Johannesburg

Making the decision to have an abortion is not an easy one, and it is made after a lot of thought. That is the reason why we provide safe, non- judgemental and private abortion services, because we understand that this decision is not one you took lightly, and it's not something you want to broadcast to people. We have professional and qualified nurses and doctors to help you with this decision, and you will be able to get counselling at our women clinic, if you need it.

We will explain the process to you, what it entails, how to use the pills, what you can expect after you take the pills and we will also answer all the questions that you may have. You are never left alone wondering about what will happen or how, our team will take you y the hand and help you with all the questions that you have regarding the abortion pills, our clinic and the non-surgical procedure.

All you have to do is to contact us with your needs, and we will be there to help you, support you and aswer any questions you have.

Women Clinic in Johannesburg

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Women Abortion Clinic in Johannesburg

An abortion is your right. Just make sure that you stay away from dodgy abortion clinics in Johannesburg and throughout South Africa that use unsafe or illegal ways to terminate a pregnancy. using a dogy place to do an abortion can leave you infertile and unable to conceive, it can also leave very ill or worse, you could lose your life.

When it comes to having an abortion, it is your right as a woman in South Africa who feels you are not ready to have a baby, it is your right to terminate, as long as you are up to 20 weeks into the pregnancy. It’s entirely your decision, and you should be free to make that decision for you, without fear of judgement. If it’s a decision that you have made, and it's something that you want to do, you are not breaking the law at all. It’s legal in South Africa to have an abortion, and you are well within your right.

Remember: there are a lot of illegal service providers, and you should stay away from those by any means. Using abortion pills to terminate your pregnancy means that you need to be pregnant up to 20 weeks. If you have passed the 20-week mark, abortion pills will not be efficient in terminating your pregnany. The best thing to do will be to look at other options that are available, like the surgical route to terminate your pregnancy. We at Women Abortion Clinic Johannesburg are here to support you. We will support and give you advice should you need someone to talk to, you never have to feel alone and we do this without judgement.

At our abortion clinic in Johannesburg, we have helped countless women to terminate their pregnancies. We have had many counselling sessions, many pregnancy tests and helped many women who needed our support. We strive to educate our woman and assist them in making healthy choices for themselves. Our clinic is a healthy, safe and private space for pregnant women, who are looking to explore the otions they have when it comes to terminate a pregnancy.

We are located in Johannesburg, and we are happy to travel to you. Should you want to come where we are, no problem, we are happy to see you. Our abortion clinic has skilled doctors and nurses who have years of experience helping women just like you, through our abortion services.

Get in touch with us through our email at hello@womenabortionclinicjohannesburg.co.za and speak to us. We are hapy to give you a call.